Monday, April 12, 2010

Tut tut, looks like rain

The world has been dumped. Covered. Redone. A million colors which reflected the sun so gaily yesterday are lost in a thick layer of gray. Splat. The paint bucket tipped.
"Isn't is strange?" Red said to me. "When its sunny outside, the teachers don;t give you hard work but when its raining, they make us do stuff! I mean come on! We're already sad cause of the weather!"
I nod. I agree.
To most of us, this question seems like an obvious answer. A rainy day is a bad day. We associate precipitation with such words as "Lousy day" or "mean weather." This is not surprising to me. Since we were ever placed on the couch and a cassette(remember those?) was slotted into the VHS, we were taught by Disney himself that rain was bad. Remember when Snow White bites the dust? Remember when Gaston knives the beast? Remember when Scar and Simbah showdown? Rain Rain Rain. And it doesn't end when you get into high school either. Here come the Uruk-Hai and, you guessed it....storm clouds follow right behind. I can picture a sleepy doorman with coke bottle glasses who has been handing out a brochure of things to know about life upon entry, and there it is. Number #7(we'll get to the other 10 later) Rain, as a form of liquid precipitation descending from above, is a sign of foreboding and disaster at the present or in the near future.
Now maybe you will agree with me.
Certainly Adam laughed when it rained. Nature's shower, nature's watering can, nature's drinking fountain. Surely ancient priests with sweating glistening hides would shudder as we don our rain boots shortly after they whooped and whirled and bled around a crackling fire, their only hope to bring long and prosperous rain upon the parched earth. In answer to their jubilant supplication we unfold our umbrellas and buy a ticket to a movie, rushing quickly from car to door, puddles splashing our ankles and faces with dissatisfied expressions.
I too scoff at these layered hurriers, unwilling to give in to natures pervading gift. I hope to join Gene Kelley on the slippery streets and splash my way through life, wet smile faced upwards to the heavens in a hilarity of thanks.
Why not join me?

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